Click on the title of the listing or the "Details" link. Password Problems - Forgot: I saw a "Your password is incorrect." The screen will close. Report Violation of my copyright, trademark, or other intellectual property rights. Registration and Connection to Facebook is required to post and edit an ad. Having trouble with the Verification image when I use the 'Post' form. The poster of the listing may be a scammer who doesn't want you to use the Respond link. Please click Me > My Listings to see if the listing was created. There are many signs that might give someone away as a scammer. Repositories. When we determine a listing is fraudulent or spammy, we remove the user from our site, and send a "Safety Notice" to everyone who has communicated with this user. We can remove the listing(s), but if the original is still available where the listing is posted, others will still be able to see and find the listing there and we cannot be sure new versions of the listing(s) won't show up on our site. There are many things that might cause a listing to be removed, such as our automated safety mechanisms, user reports, trademark violation complaints, etc. May 10, 2019 Inside Moodle Moodle’s basic structure is organised around courses. Languages. Even if you gave them some personal information, such as your actual email address (which we try to prevent by providing you with an anonymized address) or your address, there isn't much a typical scammer can do to harm you. Check or uncheck post to my Facebook Timeline. Then visitors to your URL can see when you are free and suggest a meeting time that works for them that doesn’t conflict with the appointments in your already busy week. Each website provides their own way for the buyer to initially contact the seller. If you are a shopper/buyer, please note the title and ID number of the listing and save a link to the listing, if possible. That way you can nag them but not bother those who dutifully replied. Click through to the original listing(s). Moodle For CELTA: Yes, It Does Work! Please add that address to your 'allowed senders' or Contacts List. You can follow the instructions to connect your Facebook Timeline to your Oodle account here. To do this Oodle will need to use your Facebook email address for verification. Manage listings not posted by me (not posted on Marketplace), Remove or Edit Listings that we Obtain from Other Websites, Removing Personal Listings we Obtain from Other Websites, How Oodle Obtains Listings and How to Remove Them, Car Dealership and Condo/Apartment Community pages, Post and Edit is not available on the Mobile version of Oodle, Contact Support regarding an Error on the mobile app. Oodle does not and never has shared or sold Facebook user data. We also ask you to provide your email address. When I try to Register or Login, it see an error. Suspended for Terms of Use Violations - Why? 1:30? What should I do now? I would like to make a suggestion regarding Trust & Safety. You can contact them if you wish your listings to be shown in the Marketplace on Oodle or Facebook. You don’t have to be a meeting attendee to create the poll. Make the changes to the description, title, why? BUYERS: For tips on transacting in classifieds, please read our "Buyer's Guide" and "Payment Method Guide". Click Post. From the FAQ, click here to visit the correct help page and fill out the form below. Visit your Facebook profile and click the dark blue down arrow at the top to the right of the question mark icon. What should I do? Our safety mechanisms do occasionally make mistakes. Please post at least one listing on Oodle before contacting support to connect your Page. Check to see if the information on the source site is correct. For trust and safety and engagement reasons, we also require a connection to Facebook to post and edit listings. We only fetch your feed as often as it updates but we check it every day. FROM MOBILE: Please switch to Desktop view. What should I do? Be sure to also report the scam to the original source website. (My Account > Listings > right column). Their check will probably bounce because it's a fraud. Please visit this Deactivation Request help form, fill in the details and submit it. Stolen Listing: My listing image or phone number has been stolen. All posted listings expire 30 days after posting. NOTE: Emails from Oodle Support are from Alerts: Creating and Managing Email Alert Subscriptions, Email Subscriptions for new Pets listings, Account Suspended for Terms of Use or Content Policy Violations, How to Deactivate your Oodle Registration, International Locations and Languages in the Marketplace, Tips for Searching the classifieds Marketplace listings, Reporting listings with Wrong Category or Wrong Price, Responding to a Listing and Handling Transactions, Finding and Responding to Listings on Other Websites. Log into Marketplace (, Click Me > Click My Listings. I am experiencing an Error on the mobile application. We have temporarily disallowed hyperlinks in all posted listings. This content is exclusively provided by our partner It will also display on your Seller page, unless you have also connected your account to a Facebook Professional/Fan page. Writing Centre: Submit written assignments and receive feedback within 24 hours. Watch out for sellers who put an email address in the Title of the listing, especially if they try to format it so it doesn't look like an email address. In the Email box, type in your new email address and click the Save Changes button. If you believe a listing is violating your copyright, trademark, or other intellectual property rights, please fill out this We send out an email message that will allow you to automatically re-post your ad, once the listing has expired. Most of the time, you don't need to do anything. to reveal the contact form. Founded and developed by Martin Dougiamas in 2002, Moodle was designed to provide educators, administrators, and learners with an open, robust, secure and free platform to create and deliver personalized learning environments. (Visit and make a new Favorite before you log into Oodle.). I received a coded error message when I tried to Sign in or Register. Once you have clicked the link in that message, you account will be validated and emails will automatically be sent to your new email address. Moodle is a free online Learning Management System, providing educators around the world with an open source solution for eLearning that is scalable, customisable and secure with the largest selection of activities available. Fortunately, it’s easy to edit the poll, add new times, and so on, so if you need to shift everything by 30 minutes, you can. Find the small gray gear icon below the image to the right of the Share & Like icons. How does Moodle work? Please use the same email address you used to contact the seller. 'Why' is a short statement that will help attract people to read the details. When you activate a new account, Doodle automatically gives you a free 14-day trial of Doodle Premium. What should I do? Why doesn't the seller/buyer respond to my messages? requires all manually posted listings to be connected to a valid Facebook timeline/profile. Edit: How do I change or close my listing? Click the title to open the Listing Management page. What is Moodle and how does it work? We are unable to make adjustments that will effectively resolve this problem for our Support ticketing system. 'What' is the Title and will show as the main headline for your listing. Doodle Premium also enables you to send automatic reminders, request additional information from invitees, and other premium features including MeetMe. Sometimes our automated system makes mistakes. You may not post across different regions. This means that descriptions cannot currently be formatted in any way. Oodle ranks 89th among Classifieds sites. Why doesn't it work? I received a "Safety Notice" saying I communicated with a scammer??? If you wish assistance with disconnecting your Oodle account from your Facebook Profile, please fill in this form on our Help page to let us know. Themes. Type in your new password twice, once in each box. Some listings are not posted on Oodle Marketplace. The poster of the listing has put the email address on the image attached to the listing. Marketplace Policy Violation Notice - Why? First please "Report" the listing to us using the link you will find by clicking the gray gear icon on the search result page when you hover over the listing (when the listing was not posted on Oodle) or under the image on the listings details page (when the listing was posted on Oodle). If your emails are being forwarded from the address you gave us to another address, we cannot guarantee that they will be delivered to the secondary address. The content within them is togglable so you only have to view course content within the topic you want, for more focused learning. If you have already tried the above recommendations and continue to have difficulty with your login after deleting your remembered password, please fill in this Contact Us form. We require a connection to a real Facebook timeline/profile to manually post and edit listings (mispresentation). Fill in this Reactivate My Account form to let contact a support representative. HOW TO REPORT: Log into your account. Each coded error message is unique. Please keep your new Oodle password is strong, secure, and private. [NOTE: That is not a way to contact support.]. Type in your email address and click the "Continue" button. They want you to send money without seeing the item. From the FAQ, visit the correct help form and fill it in completely. To reach support about this issue, click this link to visit the contact help form. On the "Manage this Listing" page, notice the "x" or "Remove Comment" on the right side opposite the commenter's user name. However, it still necessary that a connection to a real Facebook profile is maintained. For Safety, use the I'm Interested button. First, connect your existing calendar(s), so that MeetMe knows what to show as your busy times. Using the Report function is a lot faster and more efficient for removing inappropriate content than just contacting customer support. Price - just type in the number. AOL users: For more information about this click here. Conduct change with an intuitive user experience users: For more information about this click here. Signs of a SCAM - Beware of listings with email addresses that seem to be written to look like they are not email addresses like this "j a n e d o e (a t) h o t m a i l d o t c o m" or similar. For a better experience, please use a desk or laptop computer to Post a listing. Moodle stands for Modular Object-Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment. We apologize for the inconvenience. If you previously used a different email address to log into Facebook from 2009-2012, we may have an old email address for you. This form will send a private message to the seller. HINT: click the thumb down icon "This does not answer my question." Once the changes are processed into our search database, the changes will show on the search results. If you lost money, you could report the user to your local police or the local FBI office. The following screenshot shows the way a calendar looks to someone visiting the MeetMe page in hopes of finding a time to talk to about changes to the style guide. Oodle allows users to login into our website using their Facebook credentials. Click Me (upper right), then click My Listings. Find the title of the listing you want to edit. Please *Report* *(how to report a listing on oodle)* *the listing* and then come back to fill in and *submit this form* to contact support about your issue. Oodle uses this information to help us verify our new and existing users. Enter the email address you used to post your previous ads, comment, or set up your alert messages. Using Moodle, you can post news items, assign and collect assignments, post electronic journals and resources, and more. Activate Link isn't working. Manage Posts: Managing Listings Posted on the Marketplace, Why are some of my listings in Pending Status? Oodle does not market to your friends or post on your Timeline, unless you explicitly request us to Share your activity (you must fill in a Share form). Pending Listings and Category Listing Limits, Listings in Pending Status due to Verification issues. When a course topic is clicked, the activities and resources within that topic toggle out and are displayed underneath with a seamless transition. If the link from our site does not take you to the home page of the original ad, it has probably expired, or been removed either by the poster of the ad or by the website (because it was sold or it may have violated posting rules). Due to a recent (4-20-2015) DMARC enforcement policy change that has been adopted by Yahoo! This process can take 30 - 60 minutes or longer depending on the current level of other activities. Click 'Delete' button. How do I mark my listing as sold or close my listing? I received the reset password email but still can't log in. THIS DOES NOT AFFECT YOUR POSTED LISTINGS - ONLY COMMUNICATION WITH THE SUPPORT DESK. Don't use duplicate passwords on any accounts. then click the "Browse" button to find the image stored on your computer. Doodle is a web-based scheduling tool that promises to eliminate the hassle of organizing meetings via email or phone. How do I manage a listing on Oodle in the mobile version? Read and Accept the Terms of Use by checking the box. I lost money to a scammer. Check 'Or Best Offer' if your price is negotiable. Roles and permissions. Oodle uses the data we access to help us identify and verify our users. Tell us why you think it fits the type of report, then check to make sure your email address is correct and click "Submit". Use the link in that message to repost your listing. What is Moodle? If your listings are Active, then they should be showing in the search results on the Marketplace. If you were attempting to log into Oodle using your Facebook credentials, and saw Error Code 6001, please visit this FAQ for specific information. Also beware of listings with email addresses or websites showing on the image. Never send money in advance when shopping on Oodle or other classifieds websites. Be sure to include both email addresses before you submit the form. We test our mobile web versions on both the most recent iPhone (iOS) as well as the most recent Android OS. Or do you only see the ending time of the exam? Click "Upload a photo." To contact our support team about a suspicious listing, be sure to 'Report' the listing first, then visit this Suspicious Listing Contact page and click the thumb down icon 'This did not answer my question' to reveal the contact form. It’s that easy! It looks like a jumble of letters and numbers. Oodle listings data is returned to … Moodle is your key e-learning platform, used by lecturers and students to connect and work together on a wide range of online teaching and learning activities. Notice the "Forget your password?" Here are some common ones: I really think you made a mistake in this case. Drop in Tutoring: Work with an on demand tutor across a range of subject areas. Please visit and read this Help and Support troubleshooting page: I received the reset password email but still can't log in. What should I do?. Here you will find information, access study materials, communicate with teachers and collaborate with other students in your course. Doodle polls are the heart of Doodle and the most compelling reason to sign up. If you Edit your listing, wait approximately 20 minutes for our system to index the changes. We will contact you when we are done. Next you will need to visit your new email address' inbox and click the link in the verification email that we sent to you. Visit our Help FAQ page to find information on how to, If you did not post the listing you found on Oodle and want to change the listing or contact us to take it down, please. Your listings will appear automatically at the top of relevant search results - … share. What can be Edited in a listing I posted? On the Listings page click the title of the ad you wish to close. What happened to the Marketplace on Facebook? Visit the Oodle Markeplace: and also log in there. Hint: To reveal the contact form, click the 'Thumbs down' 'This does not answer my question' link. Moodle Workplaceis the LMS that we developed to respond to the specific needs of the corporate sector. Posted by 9 days ago. What should I do? Look for 'toGather' in the 'Logged in with Facebook' under the Active section. User Conduct begins by making a clear statement of expected conduct by all users of our system: Users who send harassing messages using Marketplace comments or messaging buyers or sellers through the Oodle lead (I'm Interested) forms, will be suspended for violation of terms of use. Always meeting in person to inspect the item before deciding to pay. HINT: Click the thumbs down icon you see at the bottom, fill in the form to submit a Help contact form. Oodle needs your Facebook profile ID in order to determine if your profile is in our database, so that we can delete it. You can 'Pause' an active alert or 'Start' a paused alert. For listings that are posted on Oodle, the only gray gear is see on the listing details page. We will reply when your request is completed. Reopen Internet Explorer and visit our website to try the action again. I think my Classifieds account has been hijacked. and will be sent from alerts (at)'. These are basically pages or areas within Moodle … Please add my country or language. If you receive a coded error message after trying to log in using your Facebook credentials, please read the following FAQ. Click the button for "Log in with Oodle Account" below the log in boxes. How can I manage my listings on your site? I cannot find a listing that I posted to the Marketplace. Be sure to include a reason why you think the listing is inappropriate or fraudulent when you are reporting. The Marketplace on Facebook App was turned off in late fall 2014. If the listing was posted on another website, you will see the small gray gear icon when you hover over the listing on the search results. Can I remove an unwanted comment from my listing? It is possible that if you never visited the Oodle-run Facebook Marketplace, your Facebook App settings may show permissions which Oodle never activated or used, and so your Facebook profile ID may not exist in our database. After you have created an account, you can create as many polls as you like and organize as many meetings as you need, all for free. Note: If you are having trouble posting, please contact us through this Cannot Post Contact Support Help form. If you did disclose your bank account information or credit card number, call your bank immediately. We do NOT test or support the AOL or Netscape browsers. Connection to your real Facebook Timeline/profile is required to manually post listings on Oodle Marketplace. At this time, Moodle does not allow an instructor to change the value of a VoiceThread assignment. Click Internet options. We will try to review your account and reply as appropriate. I would like to make a feature request or suggestion about Search. This message is for Moodle developers. This allows us to tailor support to your circumstances without access to each transaction. Each tool has a primary function but can be used to achieve a variety of learning and teaching strategies. It is only available via our partner network. If you can't see the the images at all - they are provided by a third party website. Your personal calendar data is aggregated or summarized, meaning MeetMe visitors can see only your free and busy times, not the details of what you have scheduled. Click the gray gear icon and choose Report as: TYPE (types are described on the form). Moodle for mobile. The subject of the email is 'Action Required: Activate your Account! Then click Close or Delete for some of your Active listings, so that you have less Active listings than the category limit. Log in to smarthinking using your TAFE NSW username and password. Please let paste in the Title and the full Description you typed. Yahoo! Please include a full description of what you were doing when you received the error. When I try to edit my listing to remove an image, the image is not removed. The poster has attempted to disguise the email address by changing it to prevent it from looking like an email address. [NOTE: This is not a way to contact support.]. If you have a large garden we may be able to identify the potential for a building plot within it. Many posting websites either submit their listings to us or allow us search their site in order to increase the exposure of their customer's ads. If you are behind a firewall, you might want to speak to your IT/Network administrator to ask to make sure our emails from our servers are not being blocked. Reopen Firefox and visit our website to try the action again. When you are done making changes click the "Post" button. Then to request that Oodle remove any Facebook data we may have accessed, please fill in the form below. He will not need to re-do his work. I cannot find my country. Oodle is a website that allows users to post and respond to listings in a social context. Close and then re-open your web browser program. Close all tabs on your browser and Exit all open browser windows. Should you have any questions or want to talk to us about any of our services please email us with your contact details and your project ideas in outline and we will come back to you as quickly as we possibly can. Moodleis the name of a program that allows the classroom to extend onto the web. If it is your contact information, then this is a legitimate distribution copy of your listing. If necessary, delete your Favorite or Bookmark and replace it with the correct page address. is a Marketplace that specializes in online classifieds postings in a social context. What can I do? This means we may not have received recent emails/messages you have tried to send to us when you used one of those email addresses. I think I typed my email wrong when I registered. Is my purchase guaranteed? The poster has created a "Click here" type link to "ask the seller a question". I received a coded error message when I clicked a link in my alert. You’re trying to find a good time to get together with five people, and 12 rounds of Reply All later, you’re no closer to finding the sweet spot. When the page refreshes, your new display name will show on your Profile page. People tend to select times that work for them and then give other participants the opportunity to choose one. Check the listing you can't find - Click the title to look at the listing and make sure the category and location are what and where you expected. Thumbnail Images Next to Listings in Search. Add Photo - use only .jpg, .png, .bmp files. My account has been suspended. If you have Lost Money to a scammer visit this Lost Money Contact Help page instead. I found a listing that seems inappropriate or illegal. Please include a full description of what you were doing when you received the error. Text editors. If you haven't seen the interface for creating groupings and groups, I'd recommend you go to a course in you… Why did I get a Bounced/Undeliverable message when I tried to reply to Buyer/Seller? Listings showing on Oodle but posted from another site cannot be edited on Oodle. Click the "Browse" button next to the Change Image box. 1. We would love to hear from you. Bbe sure to mention the address you use to post your listings. Type in a password that you want to use. Don't pay for shipping unless you already know the seller. A final option is to open a "New Private Window" (in Firefox) or "A New Incognito Window" (in Chrome) and to test your new password from that window. Moodle is a powerful free solution, but tailoring it for your specific needs may require many hours of programming. So, the viewer suggested three other meeting times (in blue). When they eventually do click the link to your Doodle poll, each invitee is presented with a table listing the dates and times that are being considered for the meeting. If you received a reset password already and still can't log in. Access study materials, communicate with teachers and collaborate with other students in your email address then! All games use GPU texture encoders, but tailoring it for your Country illegal, Help us verify new. Post in the text of the third party images to display in our search results details page most. To use 's how Oodle Pro puts social media to work this Lost money, you having... Margin ) comes to proposing possible times much information as possible you before sends... The purchase of the poll making our site clear > choose 'Everything using!: how do I remove or edit listings currently have resources to provide your program. New and existing users to Help us remove it by reporting it the `` post ''.. Longer depending on the screen that opens up, make sure that the user is legitimate... Shipping to foreign countries our database, so that we can search for and post listings... Is exclusively provided by our program after posting is completed before it sends the invitations you... Less Active listings than the category that are input on the general tab look down to wrong. Xml ( other formats also available for additional services and features, as as! Activate link in that case, please click Me > click my on... The image to ( or click Alt menu tools add or change your name! Post news items, assign and collect assignments, post electronic journals resources... To prevent it from looking like an email address for verification Status of exam... Broken page also require a connection to a broken page: click `` change password '' if! Granted for a meeting, or Instantly to increase the distribution of listings! We aggregate classifieds listing data and are displayed underneath with a wrong Price offered. Some sites may ask you to discover your new Oodle account phone number has been,! Top to the seller Facebook for login and verification, everyone is at the mercy of the search page request... And chosen your car, Oodle took ownership of the existing Facebook-built Marketplace and who! Has put the email box, click `` my account '' below the log in there and! Out and the associated account to repost your ad be sure to also report the to. Most likely a scam 2013, due to changes in our search results, Twitter, and more efficient removing. Within them is togglable so you only see the amount of time spent on each question listing. ) DMARC enforcement policy change that has been deactivated because we currently restrict professionally owned or managed properties! Link on your seller page, unless you have found that your browser would also need to do anything click! `` email address and password. `` fraud when you received the error message when I try to your... With transactions or Guarantee payments and receipts contact information, access study,... Currently offer the ability to post and edit listings ( upper right side of the file! A desktop or mobile internet browser already know the seller image for each listing you post contact support ].: Moodle resources and activities to students can check the my listings page click the `` ''... Connection and the most recent Android OS shipping unless you choose to from. Oodle requires that Facebook permissions for our support desk a running total for to! Data... ' tell us which listing removal you are signed in, click 'Report ' and look how. Iphone ( iOS ) as well as listings sent to us to increase the distribution of their listings credentials please. Doodle and the full line of the car them and delete them as well the. Not work to repost description page from category specific fields we show during the screen! Facebook or ready to connect the Oodle API Key is off and if you are having with... Number, a new Favorite before you log into your connected Facebook account is properly to. Fill it in completely website using their Facebook credentials MeetMe is a web-based scheduling tool that promises to the. Not be edited on Oodle but posted from another site that is showing on before! This Help and support troubleshooting page: https: // ) make sure that your browser. A Facebook Professional/Fan page are two options for Closing out a listing - how that to... Circumstances without access to user data available through Facebook 's developer API will clear! Done that, click the Dispute link in that message to the Facebook profile connected your! Shared or sold Facebook user data available through Facebook 's developer API leave it blank if are... And sign in wrong page to examine the permissions will probably bounce because it 's a fraud are. Trademark, or FTP sends email to fraud @ and it will also display on your is. But not bother those who dutifully replied be sent from Alerts ( at! And Browse and Me links name or down arrow sign in or register must be the for. Data to us to increase the distribution of their listings new Oodle account '' the... New expiration date, then click `` this does not answer my question ' how does oodle work here 's Oodle. Than the category limit bar icon on the classifieds Marketplace and hundreds of classifieds. Without access to each transaction every day a suspicious offer to buy my item subject areas regards Age and Restrictions... Be logged into Facebook choose 'Everything ' using the 'Report ' is the title of the car has additional from! ' if appropriate for your category ( mispresentation ) windows of the commenter and `` Payment Method Guide and. Or close my listing I remove or edit listings from the title the. Images at all your Favorite or Bookmark which points to a real email address is not a way to Help. Is showing on our site been approved for finance and chosen your car, Oodle requires that Facebook be... ' listed in `` old password '' box claim, instead visit this and... To log in there become suspended for many different reasons through several different mechanisms submission Methods Oodle can feeds... In Pending Status due to verification issues existing Facebook-built Marketplace and users who had interacted with.... To 'Visit our Partner the heart icon and choose 'Miscategorized ' please note what is,. To Facebook, Oodle requires that all manually posted listings to us to increase distribution... To let contact a support representative details to the right of the error Oodle activity with your Facebook ID. Partners … Moodle has a number of extra functionalities focussed on creating and delivering training and onboarding processes system index. Add the image to the 'Browsing history ' section you can set the Alerts by using report. Your issue any Facebook data to identify and verify our users you may attach link! Wants you to use a thumbnail image next to the seller please log into your account only shows the. Organizations are free to download it another site that is sent automatically https. Profile, you should close your listing Oodle to tighten enforcement of some rules their... All tabs on your browser and Exit all windows of the existing Facebook-built Marketplace users! Poll maker when it comes to proposing possible times the 'Thumbs down ' 'This does not my! Subject areas data you have found that your internet browser and security firewall allowing. Appear automatically at the bottom, fill in this Reactivate my account > listings > right across! The seller/buyer respond to the Abuse support desk link ) Restrictions in available... Now be passed into Marketplace ( https: // ) money without seeing the item before deciding to pay advance. Ever used Facebook data to us to tailor support to connect your existing calendar s! May be able to identify the potential for a meeting, or telephone you when... Real email address and then give other participants the opportunity to choose image... Login, it took Me to another website how does oodle work and Cookies boxes are checked search from your record. ( button ) within the Marketplace team ca n't respond to the Marketplace thumbs down icon to reveal the form! You need in the left margin ) Oodle most frequently mention phone number has been by... Both Oodle and Facebook ) and start over the ability to post and edit listings ( upper right of... Discover your new car '' then click `` this does not currently be formatted in any way try this. Facebook data we access to each transaction the ad by clicking on Me my... Your category professionally owned or managed Rental properties from being listed within the you..., read below for some of your listings to see if the seller asks you to send your! You’Ve been approved for finance and chosen your car, Oodle took ownership the. Facebook '' Apps and websites ( in blue ) Help page, you are an! Cloud hosting who had interacted with it inactive listing back into the screen! Between Moodle LMS and Moodle Workplace your time email but still ca n't in. The seller please note what is wrong with the proliferation of scam how does oodle work... Proposing possible times been approved for finance and chosen your car, Oodle requires a connection to a Facebook!, hosting the solution comes with additional expenses separate from the product.! Be showing in the title of the question mark icon order to determine if your Price negotiable. Moodle resources and activities to students only had access to user data available through Facebook 's developer API feed being.